Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in China

How to register?

If you are planning to stay in China for an extended amount of time, it is advisable to register at the Embassy or Consulate General. For a valid registration we would need the following documents (to be sent by mail/ post or handed over in person / through intermediaries):

  • An application form for registration duly completed and signed: French - Dutch
  • For minors: please use these separate forms: French - Dutch
  • Copy of a valid Belgian Identity Card
  • Copy of a valid Belgian passport and visa for China
  • Proof of registration at a local Chinese police office

If you have received this document before coming to China: proof of deregistration delivered by your former municipality in Belgium (Model 8).

If you have not been deregistered yet from the Belgian civil register, you can address the following letter (French - Dutch) by e-mail / post or hand it over in person to your former municipality in order to request an omission from the civil registers.

Belgians that are registered elsewhere and do not wish to register in the near future at the Embassy/Consulate General also need to present documents 2,3,4 together with a duly filled out and signed information form: French - Dutch.

Please note that certain certificates can only be provided for Belgians that are no longer registered in Belgium or outside of China and are registered at the Embassy in Beijing, the Consulate General in Guangzhou and the Consulate General in Shanghai.