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No criminal record

The Embassy or Consulate General is not competent to deliver this document.

You can apply for this document at the Belgian Ministry of Justice only for the period that you were legally registered in Belgium.

Federal Public Service Justice, service police record (strafregister / casier judiciaire) 
115 Boulevard de Waterloo 
1000 Brussels 
Fax: +32 2 552 27 82
Email: cjc-csr@just.fgov.be

providing the following details:

  1. Your full identity (names, first names, place and date of birth, if possible your national registration number)
  2. Your address, as well as the name and address of the authority that is requesting the document
  3. The reason for the request
  4. Add a copy of your Identity Card of passport

For the period of residence in China:

In order to receive an extract from the criminal record (无犯罪记录证明) from the Chinese authorities, you will have to apply at the following administrations:

  • Beijing: Entry and Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau (公安分局出入境接待大厅).
  • Shanghai: Entry and Exit Administration of the Public Security Bureau (公安分局出入境接待大厅).
  • Guangzhou: local police office (公安局派出所)
  • Elsewhere: you should check with the local authorities.

For a list of Entry and Exit Administrations, click here

Notary's offices by jurisdiction: BeijingShanghai - Guangzhou

For other periods of residence abroad:
Please contact the relevant local authority and check whether the document needs to be translated and/or legalized.