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Legalisation of a Chinese document

  1. The document has to be notarised. Please make sure a copy of the original document that has been translated and notarised is added to the legalisation booklet (little white book). Consequently, the document has to be translated into French, Dutch, or German (this can be done by the same notary): Beijing - Shanghai - Guangzhou
  2. This document has to be legalised by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the local Foreign Affairs Office: Beijing - Shanghai - Guangzhou
  3. This document has to be legalised by the Belgian Embassy or Consulate General.

Note: Some authorities (also depending on the procedure/purpose) only accept documents that were recently issued (within the last 6 months). Depending on where or for what exactly you will present the document, we recommend you to check directly with the receiving authority if the document will be accepted even if originally issued more than 6 months ago, or if you need to get a more recent notarized copy to be legalized by our services.

A list of Foreign Affairs Offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found here.

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