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Legalization of a Mongolian document

Legalization of Mongolian documents

Legalization of a Mongolian document can be done from a distance. It is not required to come in person to the Embassy in Beijing.

All applications must strictly follow the procedure described below.

  1. The documents first need to be legalized by the relevant Mongolian authorities (first the Mongolian notary public and then the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ulaanbaatar). 

ATTENTION: The signature of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official must be hand signed. A signature made by stamp is not accepted! Click here to see an example of a document that has been legalized correctly by the Mongolian authorities.

  1. Complete and sign the mandatory information form. Submit this form to the Embassy together with your documents. Documents without an information form will not be processed.
  2. The documents and the information form must be sent by express mail to the Embassy.
  3. Based on the information form and after analyzing the documents, the Embassy will contact you by email with the total amount to be paid for legalization and the return of your documents.

               There are different payment options:

               1) By card at the Embassy (UnionPay, Mastercard ou Visa), a third person can do the payment at your place

               2) Postal transfer via the Postal Savings Bank of China (中国邮政储蓄银行)

               Fill in the form “To Send Money” (汇款单)  with the following details: Beneficiary: Embassy of Belgium; Address: Sanlitun Dongsan Jie 3; Postal code: 100600 Chaoyang District, Beijing

               3) Transfer via Western Union (since 2020, this option is no longer available for transfers from Mongolia)

               Fill in the form “To Send Money”  with the following details: Beneficiary: Name: LIU ; First name: HAIWANG

  1. After the Embassy has received the full amount, the documents will be legalized and will be returned to you in the manner you specified on the form.
  2. The entire legalization process takes several weeks.

Note: the Embassy will only legalize documents that have been legalized by the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the last 6 months.

Documents with an apostille will not be accepted. Documents must bear a 'consular legalization' issued by the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For any additional questions or information you can contact the Embassy of Belgium in Beijing at beijing.consular@diplobel.fed.be