Embassy and Consulates of Belgium in China

Who's who

  • HOOGMARTENS Jan, Ambassador, Head of Mission
  • HOTTAT Sophie, Deputy head of Mission, Head of Economic Section
  • GOESSENS Guillaume, Minister Counsellor, Head of Political Section
  • VAN HOVE Johan, Counsellor, Press and Public Diplomacy
  • SYS Christiaan, Counsellor , Consul-General, Head of Consular Section
  • JORDANT Veerle, First secretary, Vice Consul
  • RENARD Mathilde, First Secretary, Economic Section



Federal Agency for the safety of the food chain (FAVV-AFSCA):

Representation of the Regions and Communities



COLOGNESI Justine, Attaché and Representative of Wallonia-Brussels in China, including for culture and education
Tel.: (00.86.10) 6532.6695
Fax: (00.86.10) 6532.6696
E-mail: pekin@awex-wallonia.com
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Trade and investment:
The economic and commercial attachés of the three regional trade agencies (AWEX, FIT and HUB Brussels) in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou advise and support Belgian companies wishing to export to China or planning to develop other activities in China. Chinese companies interested in the procurement of goods and services from companies based in the three regions of Belgium (Brussels Capital Region, Flemish Region and Walloon Region) can also contact them with their requests. They can give information about partnership and investment opportunities in Belgium.
STRUYVELT Marc, Attaché for Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT)
Tel.: (00.86.10) 6532.4964
Fax: (00.86.10) 6532.6833
E-mail: beijing@fitagency.com
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COLOGNESI Justine, Attaché for AWEX Wallonia / Brussels Export
Tel.: (00.86.10) 6532.6695
Fax: (00.86.10) 6532.6696
E-mail: pekin@awex-wallonia.com
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HAN Dandan, investment and tourism officer HUB.Brussels 
Tel.: (00.86.10) 6532.3262
Fax: (00.86.10) 6532.6696
E-mail: beijing@hub.brussels 
Embassy of Belgium
3 San Li Tun Dongsan Jie, Beijing 100600
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See our Visit Belgium section for further information about Belgium as a tourism destination. 

VISITFLANDERS | Tourist Office for Flanders & Brussels | Belgium
PEETERS Nico, Regional Manager Asia for the Tourist Office for Flanders & Brussels | Belgium
Ms. LI Xin, Director China for the Tourist Office for Flanders & Brussels | Belgium
E-Mail: li.xin@visitflanders.com
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Visit Wallonia
Tél.: (00.86.10) 6532.6695
Fax: (00.86.10) 6532.6696
E-Mail: pekin@awex-wallonia.com
Plus d’info: visitwallonia.be

Visit Brussels
Tel.: (00.86.10) 6532.3262
Fax: (00.86.10) 6532.6696
E-mail: beijing@brusselsinvestexport.com
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Representation of the Provinces

ZHANG Chi, Representative of the Province of East-Flanders and Ghent University - China Platform 
Donghuan 18, 4-4-902
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100028, P.R. China
Tel.: 0086 13718535418
E-Mail: Chi.zhang@chinaplatform.be