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Make an appointment online - E-Appointment

Make an appointment online for our consular services - E-Appointment

Via the link below you can easily make an online appointment for all our consular services. For the time being this service is only available for our Embassy in Beijing.

It is not possible to make an appointment for a visa application. These applications must be submitted in one of the Visa Application Centers.

Attention: Appointments must be made at least one day in advance. If you are not sure which category you should select, choose 'other consular services'.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the embassy is only accessible by appointment, and this at during limited opening hours.

Visitors must have their temperature checked at the entrance of the embassy before registering and entering. Visitors who have a temperature higher than 37.3 °C at the entrance or who show other symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted to the embassy and are advised to seek medical attention immediately.

Within the compound of the embassy, visitors must strictly follow the COVID-19 prevention measures (wear a mask, wash hands, keep social distance).