Name giving for newborns

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The heading for the name on the Chinese birth certificate reads 姓名, which translates as "surname, first name". It is therefore absolutely essential that you keep strictly to this order when giving your child's name to the hospital - first the family name, then the first name(s). The official notarised translation of the birth certificate must also follow this order. The child will be registered with the Belgian authorities according to this translation (including any errors - so be careful!).

In Guangdong province, it is possible to have a child's Chinese and Western names entered side by side on his or her birth certificate. If this is the case for your child, remember that the official notarised translation of both names (which must be identical to the names on the original birth certificate) will be used to register your child with the Belgian authorities. If you then choose to keep just one surname, you will need to make a declaration of choice of surname.