Loss or theft of money

What to do in case of loss or theft of money.

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In case of loss or theft of money and/or cards, we advise to contact friends or family who can quickly transfer money to you via Western Union. It is important that your friends or family submit exactly the same surname and first names as they appear on your passport.

The person depositing the money will be given a reference number. You can then collect the money at a local Western Union branch by presenting your passport and quoting this reference number: www.westernunion.be - www.westernunion.cn. This process can be time-consuming.

If you have several first names, initials and dots of the second, third and further names may possibly cause complications to the extend that collecting a transfer via Western Union may be impossible.

In this case, contact the consular post of the jurisdiction where you reside. They will try to find a solution on a case-by-case basis, but with no guarantee of a positive outcome.