Legalisation of documents

On this page, you will find all the information on how to legalise a document.

Legalization of a Mongolian document

How do you legalise a Mongolian document?
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Legalization of a Mongolian document can be done at the Hononary Consulate of Ulaanbaatar.

All applications must strictly follow the procedure described below.

  1. The documents first need to be legalized by the relevant Mongolian authorities.

    ATTENTION: The signature of the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official must be hand signed. A signature made by stamp is not accepted! See an example of a document that has been legalized correctly by the Mongolian authorities below.
  2. Complete and sign the mandatory information form (see below).

  3. Contact our Honorary Consul in Ulaanbaatar by email for an appointment:

There are different payment options:

  1. Using local currencies (MNT) upon delivery of the documents to legalize at the Honorary Consulate;
  2. Bank transfert to account number 2005100350, Golomt Bank (name: Klaartje Genbrugge). Please do not forget to mention your name and legalization in the comments.

Note: the Embassy/Honorary Consulate will only legalize documents that have been legalized by the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the last 6 months.

Documents with an apostille will not be accepted. Documents must bear a 'consular legalization' issued by the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For any additional questions or information you can contact Honorary Consulate ( or the Embassy of Belgium in Beijing (