Legalisation of documents

On this page, you will find all the information on how to legalise a document.

Legalisation of a Chinese document

How do you legalise a Chinese document?
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Step 1

The document must be notarized. Upon request, the notary can have it translated. To submit a Chinese document to a Belgian authority, it must be translated into Dutch, French or German. If the document is to be submitted to a municipality in Belgium, it must be translated into the language of that municipality. The notary compiles a small booklet containing all the documents (copy of the deed he authenticates, copy of a private declaration, notary's declaration, translations, etc.).

Step 2

The small booklet must then be apostilled by the Chinese Foreign Ministry or the local Foreign Affairs Office.

Step 3

Legalization by the Belgian Embassy or Consul General is no longer necessary. The apostille procedure replaces the old legalization steps. 


Some authorities (depending on the procedure) only accept documents issued less than 6 months ago. We therefore recommend that you check directly with the receiving authority whether it can accept a document issued more than 6 months ago or whether you need a more recent notarized (and apostilled) copy.

For the legalization of a Belgian document you need to present in China, please consult the FPS Foreign Affairs website