Legalisation of documents

On this page, you will find all the information on how to legalise a document.


Practical information on e-legalisation.
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What is electronic legalization?

Electronic legalization is legalization in an electronic form. A PDF showing the image of a legalization sticker is attached to a scanned or an already electronic document. This PDF is signed with an electronic signature on behalf of the FPS Foreign Affairs (BUZA). On the image of the sticker appears the scan of the signature of the (vice)consul who legalized the document as well as the seal of the consular post.

Specimen e-legalization

Example e-legalisation

How to legalize a paper document electronically?

The paper document is scanned by the consulate after analysis of the document and is uploaded to e-legalization. The document is then automatically attached to the electronic legalization.

How does the applicant obtain legalization?

The document is automatically sent to the email address stated by the applicant. If the applicant does not have an email address, a receipt can be given to him containing the information required to access his document on the LegalWeb control site.

The practice?

After receiving the payment for legalization, the Embassy/Consulate-General will proceed as follows:

  1. The document is checked  and then scanned, before being signed electronically by the (vice) consul
  2. The seal of the consular post as well as the signature of the (vice) consul are affixed to the legalization in an electronic way.
  3. A unique QR code also appears at the bottom of the electronic legalization
  4. The original paper document is given to the citizen. Nothing has been added to the original paper document.
  5. The electronic legalization is send by email to the citizen or a receipt is given, which  contains the information required to access the document on the LegalWeb control site.
  6. The citizen can consult his/her legalization on the LegalWeb control site and download it in order to keep it or send it to a third party.
  7. The Belgian authority can consult and verify the legalization on LegalWeb using the file number (which appears on the receipt) or using the legalization control number.

Foreign documents intended for Belgium are legalized only electronically. There is no longer a sticker affixed to the paper document.

Foreign documents destined for a country other than Belgium (e.g. parental authorization) can be legalized electronically and with a sticker.

Please check first whether or not the foreign embassy or consulate accepts electronic legalization.